Jai behind the scenes of his Bonds shoot. [X]

But I have a condition of my own. When you have killed the last of these shits garbed as your countrymen, what’s left of the thracian inside you dies with them and you will embrace this fate and your destiny as Spartacus, the Champion of Capua.

2.08 | balance


all the ladies meme

6. favorite female villain

ilithyia (spartacus)

"I will have blood and death. And in the bringing of it, my life returned to me."

1.07 | great and unfortunate things

1.05 | shadow games

2.04 | empty hands

Colour Meme
↳Anonymous requested: Gannibyl (Spartacus) + Vibrants (colourful, bright)

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spartacus meme: {5/10} episodes  → The Bitter End

"There are many things I would die for, many things I deserve to die for, yet this house is no longer among them."

Past Transgressions