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the bringer of rain, the slayer of death.

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thisblogisdeadgoaway inquired: Thanks for that! :)

No problem!

In a fan community, one of the worsts things you can do is steal the hard work of others. 

the romans

Everyone reblog this, please. The one that was just posted was very rudely stolen and reuploaded. So if you reblogged that one, delete it and reblog this one instead.  

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i can’t possibly be the only one very much so enjoying the deliciously blatant homoeroticism in this scene. :P I was giggling so much, and my sister and mom are sitting there next to me cringing. I’m just like ‘Ohhh yess!!’ heehee. 

2.09 | monsters


me my mom and sis cant get enuf of watchin this. so freakin adorable!! xD

the three of us use the word ‘TIPPIES’ whenever we can now. xD

kill them all