a phoenix risen from its ashes


2.06 chosen path

spartacus challenge: nine characters [03/09]

spartacus challenge: eight bro/otps [02/08]
ilithyia x lucretia

You were right. It is no easy thing, to cleave a man’s head from his shoulders in one blow.

spartacus challenge: seven deaths [01/07]


spartacus meme  one/ten scenes » this time you stay, and i go


2.10 wrath of the gods

Behind the Scenes of Spartacus: Blood and Sand (x)


Batiatus: "The Thracian’s wife approaches."
Lucretia: "How is that cause for cheer? Her arrival will only remind him of his old life, and the ways of an animal. Why can’t you see that?"
Batiatus: "Our hopes and fortunes are tied to Spartacus. I made a promise to reunite him with his wife. In honor of the man, I will keep my word."


spartacus meme  ten/ten scenes » there is always a choice / not this time